Identifying a Wet Rot in GTA Windows and Doors

GTA Windows

Wet rot is a real mess when it occurs in your GTA windows and doors Toronto. It is a structural nightmare that faces many GTA homeowners. It usually grows gradually and secretly behind internal structures and walls. It is normally caused by prolonged and excessive exposure of wood to moisture. The settled water creates good conditions for the growth of fungal spores that attack wood, and when it advances, it can compromise the structural standing off the wall and the entire building.

Most wet issues can be linked to some form of old defects in your structure. Inappropriate plumbing, downpipes, gutters and stone painting can make water to accumulate in wall timber and wall cavities. If this is not identified and taken care of it leads to wet rot. Here is more information about wet rot.

  1. Identifying the Wet Rot.

It is essential to keep inspecting the more prone area of your GTA windows and doors especially the parts that are made of wood. These may include areas around the door and window frames where water can easily pool. Damaged or chipped paint can also provide a good place for moisture to seep through to the timber and finally lead to wet rot. Timber affected by wet rot will feel spongy and appear much darker compared to the surrounding sections.

  1. Curbing Wet Rot.

The straightforward and easiest way to curtail wood rot is ensuring the paint finish is complete and undamaged, especially in those sections where water is more likely to pool. It is also crucial to cater for any moist area as soon as possible. Damp timber and walls can quickly and easily be treated. However, if not attended quickly, the wet rot can develop which is a more advanced problem.

Inspect the cavity of your roof and attics regularly for any water accumulation. Water usually collects easily on damaged roof tiles and start spreading the wet rot on the entire ceiling timbers slowly. Also check regions which are highly vulnerable to water accumulation such as baths, showers, toilets, washing machines, and sinks.

  1. Treating Wet Rot.

This will depend on what has caused wet rot on your GTA windows and doors. If it is due to structural defects such as downspouts or plumbing, you may need to solve this issue first. Otherwise, the wet rot will never disappear. There are some cases also you might opt for total window replacement GTA where we rot have ultimately affected the frame.

Before starting to treat wet rot, consult an expert about possible dangers. The wet rot might have affected the structural integrity of your home making it unsafe and more rehabilitation work might be needed rather than solving only the wet rot problem.

If the rot is not widespread, you can simply opt for partial window replacement where you only get rid of the affected timber and replace it with new piece timber.