Prepare Your Windows Regina Ready for Spring!

“Spring windows Regina cleaning” this is a common word used by most homeowners in Regina to tell others that they are inspecting all elements of their home to see what should be removed, updated or upgraded. However, an aspect that many homeowners tend not to give a serious thought is windows.

These are essential components of our homes and should be cleaned at least twice a year. Check link here. And do you know when is the appropriate time to do so? Well, spring is the right time to clean your windows.

You can decide to hire an expert in Regina or DIY. If you choose to DIY, this guide will help you throughout the entire process. We have listed simple steps you should adhere to, to make your windows ready for the spring. Good luck.

1.      Collect All Your Supplies.

There are some things you will require such as microfiber cloth and multi-purpose cleaning solutions. You may also require a scraper to get rid of the stuck debris and extension bar for cleaning windows Regina that are installed on higher heights. However, you should start cleaning windows that are within your reach.

2.    Clean the Window Frame.

First, spray the frame with the solution and then wipe the solution using a clean cloth.

3.    Clean Window Surface.

After cleaning the frame, proceed to the windows surface and get rid of any stuck debris or decals on it. You may need to use a scraper here.

4.    Start by Cleaning the Inside.

It is recommended to begin the cleaning from the interior glass surface of your Regina windows then proceeding to the outer surface. Spray your multi-purpose solution on the surface and use the squeegee to clean from the left side of your window to the right and then wipe from top to bottom.

5.    Wipe Excess Water to Dry.

If you notice there is a lot of water on the glass surface, or you need to dry them immediately, use a thin sheet of a newspaper. This wipes all the water stains without leaving streaks.

6.    Repeat Outside.

Implement the same procedure on all the Regina windows in your home. Once you are done cleaning the glass surface in the inside, go to the outside of your home and clean the windows which are within your reach. For those windows that are installed higher, you should use an extension pole attached with a squeegee at the tip. Don’t try to climb there unless you are a professional and you have a ladder.

7.    Window Screens.

If your windows Regina have screens, you should clean them also. Here you will need to use a dishwashing liquid and a soft bristled brush. First, remove the screen from the window. Spray it with your dishwater liquid and clean it using your brush. Repeat the process on both surfaces and once dry, take it back into the window.