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Identifying a Wet Rot in GTA Windows and Doors

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Wet rot is a real mess when it occurs in your GTA windows and doors Toronto. It is a structural nightmare that faces many GTA homeowners. It usually grows gradually and secretly behind internal structures and walls. It is normally caused by prolonged and excessive exposure of wood to moisture. The settled water creates good conditions for the growth of fungal spores that attack wood, and when it advances, it can compromise the structural standing off the wall and the entire building.

Most wet issues can be linked to some form of old defects in your structure. Inappropriate plumbing, downpipes, gutters and stone painting can make water to accumulate in wall timber and wall cavities. If this is not identified and taken care of it leads to wet rot. Here is more information about wet rot.

  1. Identifying the Wet Rot.

It is essential to keep inspecting the more prone area … Read More

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