Two Amazing Ideas of Reusing Old Durham Windows and Doors

When it comes to personalizing the living space without spending a lot of money, owners have to remember just one rule- reduce, reuse and recycle. Yes, there are so many ways to make it happen, it’s just about finding the right match for the needs. If someone decides to recycle and reuse wood windows and doors, then taking expert help could be a good step as they can help to create a completely new and fresh look.

The area of modern interior design is so big that it opens numerous doors for homeowners to recycle their own components. They can find various methods to transform existing units into luxurious masterpieces that no one could imagine. Their responsibility is simply to identify the need of having new Durham windows and doors in order to consider any of the following methods to use recycled units:

  1. Home Renovation in Winter

Salvaged wood units normally give a stylish and cozy accent that enhances rustic flare and texture to the entire property. Since new wooden Durham windows and doors are expensive that not all could afford, the rule of thumb is to reuse those salvaged options to lend that classic and warm look at least cost.

Homeowners can repurpose old room dividers, crafts, decorations, furniture, and décor accessories. They can also transform old Durham windows and doors as cabinets, headboards, shelving units, and the likes. It’s just a matter of proper maintenance in order to make them last for a longer time period.

But, before heading to any project, homeowners have to do the following things in order to ensure smooth and timely completion:

  • Remove all nails from the surface
  • Use a sanding paper to even the entire board
  • Make sure that there is no paint left on the wood or else, it needs to be cut and thrown away- old paints are a major health hazard because of their high lead content
  • Use wax finish to let the wood look like untreated
  1. Coffee Table with a Beautiful View

In order to give a new life to salvaged Durham windows, there are a lot of cool designs to take into consideration. A beautiful coffee table is one of those recommendations that can give a timeless and modern look to the entire place. Owners can even add a shadow box in the table while creating extra storage for books, magazines, newspapers etc. They just have to personalize the project in accordance with their needs.

The best part of these two projects is that they give added appeal to the living space without compromising on eco-friendliness. They do not only let people take care of the environment but also create elegant and efficient looks within budget.

In short, they are some of the ideal projects for everyone who is planning for a replacement project. Homeowners just have to choose appropriate styles, designs, energy efficient options and price points with respect to their requirements.